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§ General Information

1. RainbowZoom owner:

Robust Development
Hagger Court, 88 Woodlands Road,
E17 3LE, London

§ Drawing up the Agreement

2. All relations which result from the agreement between Rainbow Zoom and the clients are subject to the general commercial terms given in this statute.

3. Any defects are taken into consideration on condition they are confirmed by Rainbow Zoom and the client in written form in advance or if they are clearly stated in the general terms.

4. Oral promises of the bidder, his representatives or other authorised party require written confirmation issued by Rainbow Zoom in order to confirm reliability.

5. The client binds themselves to provide full and true information (surname, place of residence etc.) in the form. In case of providing fake information, the client bears responsibility for the caused damage.

§ Payment and Prices

6. The payment for the goods can be performed by credit card or via PayPal.

7. We do not accept payments by cheque or in cash.

8. The general price is given in the pound sterling currency (GBP) and is composed of the price of the product, shipping costs.

9. In case of orders sent by the clients, the cost of editing and preparation of the photo for print may be added. In that case, realisation of the order is preceded by an e-mail from Rainbow Zoom informing about additional costs related to the production.

10. All payment operations sre protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available).

§ Delivery

11. The product is delivered by the UPS package delivery company. In case the delivery is not possible, Rainbow Zoom is obliged to inform the client about the fact instantly. If the client had paid for the product, the costs will be returned to them.

12. The description of every product is provided with the approximate time of delivery (business days from Monday to Friday; free days and holidays excluded). The delivery time starts when Rainbow Zoom receives full payment for the product. The orders with different accomplishment dates are shipped after the completion of the last given order. Some orders may be sent separately, especially the ones which exceed the standard package size.

13. The delivery is performed in accordance with the given order and shipment costs. In case of any special requirements for the package, the client is obliged to cover any additional costs.

14. The product packaging and any other packagings are not returned, according to the rules concerning the packages. The party of the agreement is obliged to remove the packaging at their own cost.

15. The delivery costs for every ordered product are calculated in accordance with the price list on the Rainbow Zoom website.

16. In case of delivering the product to non-EU countries, the receiver is obliged to pay the costs of any custom taxes of the given country (and the custom control price as well).

17. When the product fails to meet the conditions of the order, and the irregularities are the fault of Rainbow Zoom, the client is obliged to report the mistake within 3 days after receiving the delivery. Rainbow Zoom is obliged to deliver the proper product as soon as possible. Complaints sent after the above mentioned period will not be taken into consideration.

18. Collecting the product in person is not possible.

§ Damages During the Delivery 19. If the delivered product or packaging is damaged, the complaint is to be issued to the delivery company and the complaint protocol must be written. The client should refuse to accept the package and contact Rainbow Zoom instantly. Otherwise, the complaints will not be taken into account.

§ Cancellation of the Agreement

20. Cancellation of the agreement is taken into consideration only if the ordered product is available at the Rainbow Zoom website. In case of goods produced from ordered materials upon the client’s individual request, the returns will not be accepted.

21. The returned product cannot have any signs of usage, must be complete and sent back in its original packaging. Any defections will result in refusal of accepting the return.

22. The amount of money paid for the product by the client will be transferred within 10 working days on the bank account indicated by the client.

23. In case of returns or complaints, the client is obliged to send the product at their own cost. The seller is not obliged to accept the package sent via cash on delivery. All costs are covered by the client.

24. The party which cancels the agreement is obliged to deliver the product along with the copy of the cancellation to the residence of the seller within 10 days after receiving the product (by deposit in the mail).

§ Limited Responsibility

25. Bearing in mind the current development of technology, we cannot assure immaculate and fully available communication via the Internet. We do not bear responsibility for constant access to our website, as well as for any technical or electronic errors occuring while shopping, which we cannot prevent (especially for delays concerning processing and receiving orders).

§ Print colour

26. Rainbow Zoom bears no responsibility for the differences resulting from using different types of computer screens which can display the colours of our pictures with no accordance to their actual colour palette. We also do not bear responsibility for the results of converting the photographs sent by the client.

§ Copyright Laws

27. The products sold by Rainbow Zoom are subject to worldwide copyright laws. Neither the client nor any third party is to produce, distribute or copy the Rainbow Zoom products.

28. Any case of gaining profits from the product is possible only after obtaining written consent of Rainbow Zoom. The consent is given only for a fixed period of time and for a clearly stated aim. Owning the product or gaining the ownership does not involve gaining any additional laws of usage or gaining profit within the copyright law (unless agreed otherwise). The rule concerns official exhibitions especially.

§ Final Provisions

29. The court which is to examine any disagreements is the court which Rainbow Zoom is subject to.

30. Matters not mentioned by this statute are dealt with the laws within the Civil Code or other bills applicable to the area of maintaining an on-line shop.

31. Rainbow Zoom has the right to change the statute. Any changes of the terms are valid from their publication date on the Rainbow Zoom website.

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