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Rainbow Zoom is recognized brand in Europe. Our experience, professionalism and branches in other European countries provide thousands of our customers with the highest quality products made to their individual requirements.RainbowZoom about us - digital print

Thanks to cooperation with world's best photographers, almost 100 million image gallery and newest digital printing technology, we give our customers a possibility to create a never seen before, unique decorations, clothing and wall compositions. These original products cause impressive look of every decorated indoor or outdoor places.

All of our products: photo wallpapers, canvases, acrylic boards etc. are produced on the newest, available on the world's market, large format plotters dedicated for such solutions.

They guarantee the best available UV, DTG, sublimation and latex print quality. For printing we use special, soft inks based on substances of plant origin. These inks provide odorless and ecological effect. All materials that we print on meet all requirements of the certificates of European institutions for environment protection.

Appreciation of our European customers allows our company to evolve and in effect to expand our offer with novelties, increasing the possibility of creating more unique and modern interior designs.

RainbowZoom teamOur team of experienced professionals in graphics and visual design, place particular emphasis on individual approach to each project and customer needs. Your own ideas are also welcome and customers who need professional support in the field of computer graphics are welcome to contact us. If needed we offer our help in implementation of pre-visualization of your room, or in making individual project for you.

Best prices on the market for the premium quality products and short delivery times are qualities which we can be proud of.

We continually strive to develop used technologies and competences of our Team. The customer must be satisfied - it's our main goal.

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