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Print on acrylic, examples of perspex prints
Print on acrylic
• amazing crystalline effect
• milling to custom shape
• perfect for backlights
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Print on acrylic, perspex prints

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One of the new methods of photographs reproduction is printing on acrylic boards / print on plexi. Print on plexiglass (also called perspex printing) gives a possibility to print any photo on acrylic. Print on acrylic is durable, waterproof and resistant to weather conditions. Picture on acrylic is printed on the back side of the board, this way acrylic prints are impossible to damage while cleaning the surface. We use direct UV printing technology in production of acrylic images.

Acrylic boards can be fastened to the wall using stylish, polished fixings. Additionally, diamond polished edges give the acrylic an impressive look. You can select your own quantity of fixings or even order the acrylic print with holes dedicated for electric sockets.

acrylic fixings We can print on acrylic using three different printing methods.

1. FULL COLOUR (CMYK + WHITE): full colour print of your picture on the acrylic board without transparent spaces, so the whole board is covered with the UV ink.

2. TRANSPARENT (CMYK): method of printing the picture on the acrylic board without using white colour, which adds depth to acrylic prints. Light colours are rather transparent, so when the print is hung on a white or pastel wall, the colour of the wall is a replacement for any white areas of the image.

3. SPOT (CMYK + partial WHITE): elements of the picture printed with white layer (white underprint) are not transparent. This allows to extract desired content of the image and contributes to a very interesting final effect.

Direct print on acrylic guarantees perfect image quality.
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Our gallery is made on the base of photographs taken by the best paid photographers and graphic artists from all over the world. Our works are made thanks to the most developed print technology. Each poster, picture, photo wallpaper or sticker is custom-built and guarantees a unique effect.
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