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1. What kind of products can be purchased at
You can choose from many types of decorating products available at, such as:

- photo wallpaper murals
- canvas prints
- prints on PVC
- prints on acrylic
- prints on aluminium
- designer glass tiles
- self adhesive vinyls
- furniture stickers
- prints on textiles
- you can also order individual product which is not listed in our offer
2. How can I purchase a product at
After you have chosen your preferred image from our gallery (or From Your Photo), you should define measurements of your product. The price will automatically appear on the right hand side of the Calculator. After you add the product to your Shopping Cart, please make sure that the product and price is correct. Next step is to choose and confirm your payment method.

You can also place an order via e-mail:
3. What types of payment methods are accepted at
We accept only secured payments via PayPal. If you are not a PayPal member you can still use the PayPal to pay with your credit or debit card.
4. Can I pay with cash for products ordered at
As an online retailer of custom products on demand we only accept electronic payments. The production process starts after the payment is accounted.
5. Can I pay on delivery?
Unfortunately not, as every single product is made individually for the customer's demand.
6. Do you have a showroom?
Unfortunately not, producst are made individually for the customer's demand and we do not store them in a showroom.
7. What is the delivery time and shipping cost?
It usually takes up to 10 business days for you to receive a product from from the date of cleared payment.

Shipping cost is 15 GBP, however if an order is placed for product not listed in our offer or is bigger than standard package, shipping costs are determined individually before the production process.
8. What happens in case the order arrives damaged?
In case your order arrives damaged you should report it to the courier and complete the complaint protocol. You should also refuse to accept the delivery and contact customer service immediately via e-mail: Otherwise, complaints will not be taken into account.
9. Can I return the product if it doesn't meet my expectations?
Orders cannot be returned as they are made on individual basis for customers. However you are still entitled to make a complaint if the claim is justified.

Rainbow Zoom does not take any responsibility for the quality of prints made from images uploaded by customers, however if there is a possibility that the quality of the print won't be perfect or the image will be significantly blurred, or totally unreadable, we will notify customer via e-mail and printing process will not start before written confirmation is received.
10. Can I order a product in different size/format than available in your offer?
Yes, of course it is possible. Please contact us via e-mail:

Products outside of our offer are priced individually and shipping costs for these products are also determined individually with customer before the printing process begins.
11. Is it possible to change the color of images, retouch, graphic changes, etc..?
Of course it is possible to make changes to your image. Please make sure to write, what changes you want us to make, in the message box during ordering process. All changes like: color change, gentle retouch, brightness, contrast etc. are free of charge.

Our graphics team can also create a project from the scratch or make changes in the actual graphic design like: photomontage of several images, change of objects position, duplicating objects, etc. The costs of such treatment are determined individually.
12. How can I check what is the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order at any time by visiting this link, or by clicking on the Check Status link at the bottom of website.
13. Do the colors seen on my computer screen match colors printed on materials?
Colors printed on materials may differ slightly from those shown on the computer screen. Such differences may result because of individual settings of your monitor, or by differences between the technology of the display (RGB) and printing (CMYK).
14. Are inks used by safe for health and environment?
For printing, we use special, soft inks based on substances of plant origin, ensuring odor free and environmentally friendly printing. They are also safe for health and they provide odorless and ecological effect.
15. When I enter my individual size, the image is cropped in the way that doesn't cover the full image, why is that?
After you enter your own measurments, our system crops the file in the way which preserves correct proportions of the photography. Only highlighted area of the image will be printed on your product. If you're unsure whether the print will meet your expectations please contact our customer support via e-mail:
16. What should be the size of uploaded image in the "Print from file" section?
The file should be in 300DPI resolution. We also recommend that the resolution is triple as big as the size of the product. For example, to obtain a sharp print quality on photo wallpaper, in the size of 1000mm x 1000mm, the file should be sent in 3000px x 3000px resolution. Also, the file compression should not be too high, otherwise blocks of compression may be visible on the printouts.
17. Can I order a product, which will ideally fit into the size of my wall?
Of course. Our editor allows you to order a product which will exactly fit your wall and will be printed in exact size of your wall with accuracy up to 1mm.

Larger sizes or unusual orders are also welcome on individual quotes. Please contact us via e-mail:
18. How are orders secured and packed?
Our products are secured very well with stretches and bubble wraps and depending on the type of the product they are sent in cardboard tubes or cardboard boxes prepared specially for your product.
19. Are photo wallpapers printed with or without overlaps?
Our products such as photo wallpapers, self adhesive vinyls etc. are printed without overlaps - however if you wish to have your product printed with overlaps we can make 5mm to 15mm wide overlaps for you.

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